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ZeroNights Mnemonic split quest

Each conference participant badge has a scratch sticker that contains 24 words of a mnemonic phrase, as well as a color tag with an additional word. Each mnemonic phrase is unique and is part of a shared secret (original mnemonic phrase) on a 6 of 250 threshold secret schema.

Attacking “Very Modern Developers Inc.”

During the ZeroNights 2021 conference, the Sber Cyber Security team invites you to attack the infrastructure of a small but very advanced company – Very Modern Developers Inc.

Have you seen the elephant?

Attention and speed are both important qualities for any security specialist. The first task from CFT will test them.

Hack Attack: hack to protect

You will have to exercise your hacking skills and test the security of payment services and banking systems. You have to find all possible vulnerabilities, exploit them, and figure out how to protect against them.

Mail.ru Cloud Solutions CTF

At the Mail.ru Cloud Solutions booth, you can participate in a contest and win prizes.

Yet Another Hack Quest 

Want to take a breather and relax a little? That’s the right place to do it!

New to CTF and eager to try? That’s fine. These tasks are great for figuring out the game.

ZeroLab from Digital Security

At ZeroNights 2021, you’ll be able to participate in Digital Security’s ZeroLab contest. At the venue, look for the charging barrels. There will be a QR code with the challenge for you.

Shamir Secret Backup Scheme Bug Bounty

The New Bug Bounty program for Shamir Secret Backup Scheme starts at the international cybersecurity conference ZeroNights X, which will be held on 30 June 2021 in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Hack To Be Hired By Digital Security Academy

On June 30, at ZeroNights 2021, you can participate in a contest called “Hack to be hired” organized by the Digital Security Academy. It’s about hiring in IT companies – a topic we’ve seen in too many memes.