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Activities at ZeroNights

At ZeroNights 2021, our partners and friends organize different kinds of activities.

  1. You can participate in a contest called “Hack to be hired” organized by the Digital Security Academy. It’s about hiring in IT companies – a topic we’ve seen in too many memes. Create a job offer and invite yourself to an interview at the company of your dreams.
  2. This is a Bug Bounty program for Shamir Secret Backup Scheme. Submit your bug reports! At the conference, participants who have found flaws and vulnerabilities in the implementation of this scheme will be rewarded.
  3. You’ll be able to participate in Digital Security’s ZeroLab contest. At the venue, look for the charging barrels. There will be a QR code with the challenge for you.
  4. The kks CTF team and CTF News offer a small hackquest where you can chill, solve some tasks, and get awesome ZeroNights merch for that.
  5. At the Mail.ru Cloud Solutions booth, you can participate in a contest and win prizes.
  6. You will have to exercise your hacking skills and test the security of payment services and banking systems. You have to find all possible vulnerabilities, exploit them, and figure out how to protect against them.
  7. Here’s what you have to do: find the company’s booth and its mascot – an elephant. It’s not your regular elephant, so you have to figure out what makes it unique.
  8. During the ZeroNights 2021 conference, the Sber Cyber Security team invites you to attack the infrastructure of a small but very advanced company – Very Modern Developers Inc.
  9. Participate in the ZeroNights Mnemonic split quest!
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