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Defensive Track Talks. Part 2

Defensive Track talks will be delivered in an open-air format on a spacious embankment on June 30 and will start at 16:00.

The first part of the Defensive Track talks was announced in the previous news.

Metrics in practice

Let’s discuss security metrics, main approaches and challenges, and how they can help achieve business goals and prioritize tasks. This talk by Denis Rybin is focused on the practical implications and less so on theory. Our goal is to make metrics work for us and not the other way around.

IPMI backdoor not with your own hands

Ilya Zuev will talk about real cases of hacking IPMI modules, detecting malicious backdoors, forensic methods, and detecting indicators of compromise (IoC).

Attacking microservice applications: methods and practical tips

In this presentation, Alexander Barabanov will show you typical architecture vulnerabilities in microservice applications, provide you with some real cases extracted during multiple security assessments, and present an open-source checklist, contained practical tips on how to provide microservice applications security architecture assessment.

The invisible hand of AppSec in release builds

This talk by Dmitriy Teryoshin is about a case of automated control for mobile app release builds.

Other news
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