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First Web Village talks

Web Village is the conference participants’ favorite place. Here you can talk about web applications, their vulnerabilities, attacks, security bypasses, and, of course, Bug Bounty programs. Even if you don’t have web experience, you can still ask the speakers questions and dive into the world of web vulnerabilities!

We’re announcing the first approved Web Village talks.

JavaScript bugs

Maxim Prokopovich and Danil Beltyukov will review popular ways to shoot yourself in the foot during the development of JS applications (both backend and frontend). Providing examples, the speakers will show typical mistakes of developers and discuss other researchers’ high-profile findings.

JVMyachni Otake

This is a story from Paul Axe about how reading (documentation) can help a researcher.

HotPics 2021

Emil Lerner will consider the current state of the web application attack vector via image conversion. What configurations are still vulnerable, and how to make sure that notifications about potential RCEs are (almost) automatically sent to your Telegram account? As a bonus, you’ll hear bug-bounty stories. The speaker promises that one will be more interesting than another.


At ZeroNights, there are talks on different aspects of cybersecurity. Want to deliver a talk on an interesting topic? You can apply until May 15.

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