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HackQuest ZeroNights 2021 Results

ZeroNights 2021 HackQuest completed on May 30. It’s time to announce our winners! They have got free tickets to the conference and the ever-lasting place in our Hall of Fame.

We challenged our participants to crack tasks related to various practical security issues. This year’s HackQuest was prepared by our partners: Inside Telegram channel, VolgaCTF, Hackerdom and RuCTFE, as well as the Digital Security team.

HackQuest tasks

The names of the tasks and their authors are listed below.

Day 1: “Collapse” by Hackerdom
Day 2: “Not a problem” by Inside
Day 3: “Regular Cipher” by VolgaCTF
Day 4: “Exotic” by RuCTFE
Day 5: “Read it later” by Digital Security

The HackQuest website was visited from 2114 unique IP addresses during the HackQuest week!


Here are the winners’ names:

Day 1: beched
Day 2: AV1ct0r
Day 3: WGH
Day 4: YOBA
Day 5: ma9a

The participant with the nickname hedger, who took second place twice for solving the tasks titled “Regular Cipher” and “Exotic”, has also received a ticket to ZN.

We thank all those of you who took part in the quest and prepared the tasks!

The results are on the website.

See you at ZeroNights!

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