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Preliminary conference program is published

The conference preliminary program is now available on the website. The list of topics and speakers will be supplemented and accompanied by news with their more detailed descriptions.

We have recently announced some talks of the main program and the ones of Web Village. Now the page includes a list of approved talks divided into sections:

  • Main Stage
    The main stage program comprises talks related to the security of firmware, desktop, mobile devices and OS, as well as issues of searching for vulnerabilities, their exploitation, and elimination.
  • Web Village
    At Web Village, you can discuss web applications, their vulnerabilities, attacks, security bypasses, and Bug Bounty programs.
  • Defensive Track
    The conference will also feature topics of Defensive Track dedicated to secure development, DevSecOps, incident detection, and practical aspects of cybersecurity.
  • Hardware Zone
    If you are interested in listening to hardware-related reports, joining competitions, and meeting experts of the sphere — welcome to Hardware Zone. It is a place where the interests of people who deal with hardware and software security intersect. Each presentation will be accompanied by competition tasks and quests so that you could put into practice the gained knowledge.
  • Workshops
    Workshops at ZN are hands-on educational activities and presentations held specifically for those who aren’t afraid to get right down to business. They allow you to go from theory to practice under the guidance of cybersecurity professionals.
    To apply, please mail to workshops@zeronights.org.

Please note that the CFP is open and you still have time to apply and speak at ZeroNights.

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