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That’s how it happened, ZeroNights The Ninth

Every year, ZeroNights has a new style, and it’s never the same. Nobody knows what to expect next time – even the organizers are not always sure.

In 2019, we dove into the web punk aesthetics: the speakers entered the main stage through half-ruined columns and puddles of neon. Among them were the world-famous security experts: Alex Matrosov, Krzysztof Kotowicz, Jayson E. Street, Cesar Cerrudo, Esteban Martinez Fayo, Aleksei Tiurin, Sergey Belov, Anton Lopanitsyn, and others.

You can watch their talks on our YouTube channel.

The conference participants listened to their talks, competed for prizes in quizzes, quests, and partner CTFs. They tested the resilience of smart devices, tried the role of a digital detective, and solved pentest and reverse-engineering issues. And if they needed a break, they could play video games in the lounge zone.

Watch a video about ZeroNights 2019 and feel the unique energy that drives the conference from year to year and never dies.

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