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Workshops at ZeroNights X

Workshops at ZN are hands-on educational activities and presentations held specifically for those who aren’t afraid to get right down to business. They allow you to go from theory to practice under the guidance of cybersecurity professionals.

SElinux workshop

During these 2 hours, Ivan Agarkov will show you the basics of SELinux administration using CentOS standard policies as an example. He will explain how the system operates, give you info about utilities and show you how to deal with typical problems. You will be able to join me for practice with a live server and see the protection mechanisms at work.

Red Team 101

This workshop covers the basics that any cyber-physical red-teamer should know. This focuses less on the IT exploitation side, which lot of people are comfortable with, and instead focuses on advanced tooling, surveillance, intelligence gathering, covert access, infrastructure, building custom solutions and opsec. Participants can try out new tools and hardware that they might not normally come across. In addition, we plan a full red-team operation based on a fictional target.

Hands-on intensive web app hacking (intermediate)

This is an online workshop. Joseph Mlodzianowski and Omar Santos will take you on a journey to setup your own lab for intermediate to advanced web application hacking, starting with some intermediate level attacks and details such as CSRF, XSS, IDOR, Injection, leading you to some more advanced labs, this framework contains nearly 500 hands-on labs so be prepared to continue the path even after the class. Prepare to have a great time.

Comprehensive training on attacks against applications

During this workshop, you’ll learn the basics of attacks on applications and try the necessary tools in practice.

We’ll start with a simple RCE, then move to one of the most exciting practice assignments. We’ll review a lot of vulnerabilities of unprotected data, files and folders permissions, brute archives, backups, and try to find temporary .swp files. We’ll analyze what incorrect work with the distributed version control system git can lead to and how we can extract the source code of the application. Welcome to the Digital Security Academy workshop! The speaker is Alex Savelyev.

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