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ZeroNights 2021 Concept

In the age of information technology, our world changes with every new technological advancement. Reflecting the life of the IT and cybersecurity communities, the ZeroNights international conference transforms as well. The official conference mascot has returned from a year-long hibernation embodying the spirit of robotics.

This year, ZeroNights will take place by the Gulf of Finland during the season of white nights. The participants will spend a day of tech madness filled with exclusive talks, thematic contests, and meetings long overdue.

As usual, the conference will feature state-of-the-art talks given by renowned information security professionals. You will learn about rare, previously unknown, and most intricate hacking techniques, cybersecurity trends, and the latest defense tactics.

ZeroNights invites you to celebrate its 10th anniversary in an informal setting inspired by the digital revolution.

The future is now.

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