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ZeroNights 2021 HackQuest

ZeroNights holds its traditional HackQuest ZeroNights from the 24th to the 30th of May.

ZeroNights HackQuest is a challenge before the annual ZeroNights conference. The goal is to solve tasks related to information security, including reverse engineering, web, mobile hacking, penetration testing, and more.

The winners receive a free invitation to the conference and a place in our Hall of Fame.

HackQuest lasts 6 days — from May 24, 8 p.m. to May 30, 8 p.m. (UTC +3)


  • One task per day — you have 24 hours to complete it
  • The first participant to solve a task is given the invitation to ZeroNights 2021
  • Participants earn points by completing the tasks. The second contestant to achieve the goal gets 0.5, the third one – 0.25. A participant with 1.0 point is awarded and get an invitation to the conference (please note that 2 or more points can be exchanged for 1 invitation only)
  • The organizing committee may ask you to describe and explain the steps you’ve taken to achieve the goal (we adhere to honesty and transparency)
  • The participants aren’t allowed to help other contestants with prompts
  • The participants are allowed to submit their answers one time only

There is no pre-registration for a quest. When tasks are available there will be a field for a flag and your email.

For more details on the procedure and participation in HackQuest, see the website or write at hackquest@zeronights.org.

The winners will be announced individually on the HackQuest website.

We wish every participant good luck!

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