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ZeroNights X Format

The participants will have one day with the vibe and energy of live conversations at Sevkabel Port.

In the summer, it is the favorite place for both Petersburgers and tourists. Situated right by the gulf, Sevkabel Port captures its guests with a futuristic view of the high-speed bridge and the sunset.

A two-floor concert space awaits all the introverts tired of the promenade. The main stage is reserved for the worthiest Offensive security talks. The conference opening and closing ceremonies will also be held here.

The event’s center is at the second stage hosting the Defensive Track and Web Village focused on web security talks. Roofed seats will protect the audience from any weather conditions. For hardware geeks, there is Hardware Zone with practical tasks and hacker talks.

Early registration is available. Use promocode EARLYBIRD to get 20% off till the end of March.

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