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Comprehensive training on attacks against applications

2 h

During this workshop, you’ll learn the basics of attacks on applications and try the necessary tools in practice.

We’ll start with a simple RCE, then move to one of the most exciting practice assignments. We’ll review a lot of vulnerabilities of unprotected data, files and folders permissions, brute archives, backups, and try to find temporary .swp files. We’ll analyze what incorrect work with the distributed version control system git can lead to and how we can extract the source code of the application.

Welcome to the Digital Security Academy workshop!

Alex Savelyev (Digital Security Academy)

Technical lead at Digital Security Academy. He led the cloud platform development department for training on practical information security. Author and developer of practice assignments, as well as several conference competitions. Over 15 years of application development and more than 5 years of experience in cybersecurity.

Vadim Shelest


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